Torch cactus / Orrelkaktus
Small to medium-sized clumps of erect, spiny stems that resemble those of some indigenous milkweed species.  (Posted on: 2015-12-05)  Read More

ALOE ferox - Bitter Aloe / Karoo Aloe
Plants mostly grow as single-trunked specimens that can easily reach the height of a grown person (sometimes much higher, depending on the age of the Aloe). The trunks are topped with robust, many leaved rosettes and clothed in the twisted, in the dry remains of the leaves....  (Posted on: 2015-07-01)  Read More

Cango Ostrich Show Farm
The Thorntree Country House is situated on Route R328. This route (which is situated in the Cango valley) offers you over a distance of 30km, more to see and more variation than anywhere in rural South Africa.  (Posted on: 2015-04-09)  Read More

Architecture and Styles in The Cango Valley /Little Karoo
Architecture and Styles in The Cango Valley /Little Karoo demonstrated with pictures for houses in our beautiful valley.  (Posted on: 2012-12-18)  Read More

Archtecture of the Cango Valley
Architecture of the Cango Valley (and by implication of the Little Karoo). We at the Thorntree country house are very interested in the architecture of this area. When we started the development of The Thorntree Country House, we did a lot homework in an attempt to help us with our own planing. It goes without saying that very little formal literature was available.  (Posted on: 2012-10-10)  Read More

The Cango Route
The Thorntree Country House is situated next to the picturesque Cango Route. This road meanders through the beautiful Cango valley and stretches from Oudtshoorn to the majestic Swartberg mountain range. Without fear of contradiction we can state that this road offers the visitor more natural quality and variation than any other destination in South Africa.  (Posted on: 2012-10-01)  Read More
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