ALOE ferox - Bitter Aloe / Karoo Aloe

Posted on: 2015-07-01

Plants mostly grow as single-trunked specimens that can easily reach the height of a grown person (sometimes much higher, depending on the age of the Aloe). The trunks are topped with robust, many leaved rosettes and clothed in the twisted, in the dry remains of the leaves. Leaves are thick and succulent and are born erectly, or may be somewhat recurved. Marginal teeth are always present on the leaves while some forms also have scattered teeth on both the lower and upper surfaces. In winter, erect, torch-like inflorescences carry fat, densely packed red, orange, yellow or white flowers that are thickly laden with nectar. The species is very characteristic of South Africa’s Great and Little Karoo, where, in the dead of winter, it produces unforgettable displays of bright orange flowers.

Photos taken at The Thorntree Country House


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