Archtecture of the Cango Valley

Posted on: 2012-10-10

Architecture of the Cango Valley

(and by implication of the Little Karoo)

We at the Thorntree country house are very interested in the architecture of this area.

When we started the development of The Thorntree Country House, we did a lot homework in an attempt to help us with our own planing. It goes without saying that very little formal literature was available.

We have come across some interristing information which we would like to share with you. In the next few editions of the Thorntree Country House`s web-page, we discus the following:

Architecture and styles in the valley.
• Stuctures that were retained
• Other structural characteristics like:
         • doors,
         • windows,
         • gables,
         • verandas,
• Extensions that were addaed on
• Outbuildings
• Etc.


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